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Laurence K. Scott

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2018     Wetmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art Tri-County juried exhibition, Night & Day

2018     Santa Paula Society of the Arts 8Art & Photography Exhibit, Santa Paula, CA

2018     Black & White 2017, Specto Art Space, Bridgewater, VA

2017     Thru the Lens, Carpinteria Arts Center, Carpinteria, CA

2017     Landscapes and Dreamscapes, Carpinteria Arts Center

2017     Captured 5, (a group photography show, Santa Barbara Tennis Club, Santa Barbara, CA

2017     Santa Paula Society of the Arts 80th Annual Art & Photography Exhibit, Santa Paula, CA

2016     Framed:  A View Through the Local Lens, San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center, San Fernando Valley, CA

2016     Captured 4 (a group photography show), Santa Barbara Tennis  Club, Santa Barbara, CA

2015     Unnatural Light, (a solo show), C Gallery, Los Alamos, CA

2014     Collector’s Choice, Sylvia White Gallery, Los Angeles

2014     Electric Salon, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

2013     Simply the Best 2, Digital Arts California, online

2012     Hit the Road, Linus Galleries, online

2012     Water’s Edge, Linus Galleries, online

2012     Multiples, Atrium Gallery, Ventura, CA

Fabrications, (a solo show), Grossman Gallery, Lompoc, CA

2012     Art After Dark:  Laurence Scott, (a solo show), The Photo Shop, San Luis Obispo, CA

Road Trip, (featured photographer), C Gallery, Los Alamos, CA

Pink Show, C Gallery, Los Alamos, CA

Circles and Sticks, C Gallery, Los Alamos, CA

2010     Photography by Laurence Scott, (a solo show), West End  Espresso & Tea, San Luis Obispo, CA

2009     Big or Small with a Touch of Red, (three photos), Palm Loft Gallery, Carpinteria, CA

2009     Every Story Tells a Picture, (a solo show), The Book Den, Santa Barbara, CA



Erin J. Smith: Every Story Tells a Picture, CASA Magazine, Oct. 30, 2009